Having been elected to serve on the Orchard Park Town Board, I think it would be helpful and, therefore, would like to take a moment to summarize my credentials. Having retired after twenty-five years of service to our community as a second generation police officer, I have been serving Christ the King Seminary in East Aurora for the past eight. Twenty-four of these thirty-three years have involved supervisory and/or management positions. These diverse leadership roles, as well as the diverse constituencies I have interacted with, have helped me to develop significant organizational, analytic, and strategic capabilities, as well as communicative and personal skills.

Throughout the course of these careers, I have demonstrated a results-driven operational approach. In the midst of these careers and in addition to numerous leadership courses and seminars, I have pursued a baccalaureate, two masters and a doctoral degree. In particular, the Master of Science degree in Service Management from the Rochester Institute of Technology emphasizes organizational behavior and leadership, human resources management, customer relationship management, value delivery, diverse operational processes, performance metrics, strategic planning, and marketing. (If you would like to see my resume, you can download it here in PDF format.)

I do not believe that it is an exaggeration to say that I know Orchard Park reasonably well. I am familiar with each of its neighborhoods, literally, with every street. Having been raised, worked and lived in Orchard Park for almost the entirety of my life, I have watched our community evolve through the years, and I appreciate its quality of life values and expectations vis-à-vis both the individual and the common good. They are the same values and expectations which my wife and I sought to instill within our three children, two of whom have become school teachers and the youngest a third generation police officer.

Good government must begin with the needs and wants of the community. It seems to me that in ever more frequent and diverse ways every community in WNY is asking: “what are we getting for the taxes we are paying?” This is not primarily a question about cost; rather, it is a question about the value government is delivering. Taxpayers want to get the most value for their dollars, not just the lowest price. In other words, they want a smart and lean government that delivers the high quality services they want and are paying for. Contrary to what some political extremes pursue – either an expansive government satiated only by authority and taxes, or a Spartan government which risks compromising some of the valued services and responsibilities that the public holds dear – I believe we should champion the delivery of more value for the services our community wants at a price they are willing to pay.

It is my sincere request that you contact me with any questions, concerns, observations or suggestions you may have.