My wife, Betsy, and I – April 2013
My Family – December 2012
My son Matthew’s graduation from the Police Academy – June 2013
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Welcome! I am so very grateful to have been elected to serve the community I have lived in for most of my life, Orchard Park, as a member of its Town Board. I have served in various ways throughout my life – on Town committees and in several of our churches. And I have been appointed to positions by a handful of people – when I was hired as a police officer and each time I was promoted, and more recently when each of our political committees honored me with their endorsement (Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Independence). But there is something special in having a whole lot of people appoint you to serve through an election. It is both affirming and intimidating. I am certain that it will always be challenging.

From day one, upon taking the oath and becoming a member of the Orchard Park Police Department, I understood my role as a police officer to be a sort of sacred entrustment. After all, that is the purpose of an oath. The person being sworn in is given and willingly accepts particular responsibilities in behalf of the good of others.  So too now, upon taking the oath of political office, I will have been privileged with another sacred entrustment. I will endeavor to execute the incumbent responsibilities with integrity and in accord with seven core ideals or values, namely, that of service, accessibility, transparency, performance, accountability, leadership, and community.

As an additional means for keeping you and our community informed I will continue to occasionally post, under My Two Cents, [1] critical position pieces and [2] more personal, reflective pieces – that I call, From The Hip – so that you can get a sense of what’s going on and where my head and heart are at. I will also post Monthly Reports so that you can have a sense of how faithful I am being with the responsibilities you have entrusted to me.  

As always, I invite you to  contact me regarding issues you think are important to Orchard Park or with any questions, observations, suggestions, etc. that you may have about my service on the Town Board or anything else appearing on this web site.